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Care and Maintenance

Regular Maintenance is Important

Your Allform Home Addition has been constructed by qualified tradespeople using high quality materials that are designed to provide you with many years of use. There may be many different types of materials used in the construction of your addition and to keep it looking good for years to come, regular care and maintenance is essential. The Guide To Standards and Tolerances 2007, produced in collaboration with NSW Fair Trading, explains that “maintenance is a normal part of home ownership and the owner is responsible for all maintenance” and that “proper maintenance by the owner includes regular de-leafing of gutters and maintaining protective coating systems…”

All painted and powder coated metal surfaces need regular washing using fresh water to remove dirt. In the event that dirt cannot be removed easily, the surface should be washed with a mild solution of pure soap or non-abrasive dishwashing detergent and warm water followed immediately by washing with clean water. Washing should be performed at least every six months although, in coastal areas affected by salt spray or areas affected by heavy air pollution, washing should be performed more frequently. This should not be limited to the externally exposed surfaces, but should include all surfaces.

For timber surfaces, these should be maintained in accordance with the recommendations from the manufacturer of the relevant protective coatings used ie: paints, stains and oils.

Regular inspections of your addition for signs of corrosion, cracking or damage following storms will ensure that any problems can be rectified quickly and minimise further issues arising. This may mean that you need to access the roof of your addition. In the event that this occurs, you should assess the type of roof you have. Most lightweight roofing i.e. Allform rollform roof sheet, are non-trafficable and as such, additional measures must be taken to ensure that the roof sheets will not become “unclipped”.

Refer to our access instruction diagram here –  Planking For Access


All our building & renovation work is covered by Statutory Warranties which are outlined in the Home Building Act. A summary of these warranties, as described on NSW Fair Trading’s website is below, however if you would like more detailed information, click here.

Statutory warranties 

The following warranties set out what you are entitled to under the contract between you and your builder and tradesperson.

Even if these warranties are not written into the contract you sign, the law says that they still apply to the work you are having done on your home. Statutory warranties are in effect for 6 years for major defects and 2 years for all other defects, commencing from the date when the work was completed.

These warranties are:

  • the work will be performed with due care and skill
  • the work will be in accordance with any plans and specifications set out in the contract
  • all materials supplied will be suitable for the purpose for which they are to be used
  • materials will be new, unless otherwise specified
  • the work will be done in accordance to, and will comply with, the Home Building Act 1989or any other law
  • the work will be done with due diligence and within the time stated in the contract, or otherwise in a reasonable time
  • the work will result in a dwelling that is reasonably fit to live in, if the work includes:
    i) construction of a dwelling
    ii) making of alterations or additions to a dwelling
    iii) repairing, renovation, decoration or protective treatment of a dwelling
  • the work and any materials used in doing the work will be reasonably fit for the specified purpose or result that the owner has advised the contractor, while indicating that the owner relies on the contractor’s skill and judgment.

Product / Manufacturer warranties

Allform Home Additions sources its materials from trusted manufacturers that have been leaders in their respective markets for many years and back their products by Manufacturers Warranties. Below are links to some of our major suppliers/manufacturers;

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