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General Information

Product Catalogue

Our products catalogue has been produced to assist with general information on individual products.  For specific application and details, please ensure reference is made to applicable engineering.

For a copy of our full catalogue click here.

A few things to note when using our catalogue;

  • Allform products are designed to work together but may also suit applications with other external products.  We have tried to provide as much information as possible to assist you determine the correct sizing etc however the use of Allform products with external products is beyond the scope of the catalogue and reference to our generic engineering may be suitable but where any doubt exist, specific engineering should be sort.
  • Diagrams and photos included in our catalogue are of a generic nature and are not to scale
  • Our product descriptions are indicative of sizing rather than actual dimensions and care should be taken in this regard.
  • The information contained within this catalogue may change from time to time without notice.

Material Coatings

The combination of a primer/basecoat and/or powder coating gives a suitable finish for full exterior exposure.

E-Coat (Electrophoretic Coating)

E-Coating is a method of metal finishing which uses electrical current to deposit paint from a water-based solution. The fundamental physical principal of E-Coat is that materials with applied opposite electrical charges, attract each other.  This is one of the most rapidly growing sections of the finishing industry with advantages in both cost and performance over most other systems.

Products are pre-treated with zinc phosphate which is specified by the automotive industry for use with this finish; zinc phosphate gives excellent corrosion protection with E-Coat finishes withstanding up to 1000 hours salt spray testing.

The voltage applied will maintain this thickness evenly over all surfaces and should give a consistent 20 microns cover.

The formulation of the primer/top coat process is designed for corrosion resistance and good performance for interior applications.  The E-Coat formula will show signs of chalking with full outdoor exposure, although this will not affect its corrosion resistance.

In the event that the E-Coat is cut/removed, the exposed area needs to be treated with a proprietary Cold Gal or equivalent and touch up paint applied in the usual manner.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is an organic finishing process where specially formulated polyester, epoxy powders, or more specialised powders are applied over the product surface by the use of electrostatic guns. The product is then placed in an oven where the powders fuse and react together forming one of the most durable of organic coatings.

The commercial powder coating process has four basic steps.

  • Clean / Pre-treatment.
  • Barrier / Primer.
  • Powder coat (Top / Finish Coat).
  • Baking.

Most top coat powder coating is in itself porous.  Without an adequate protective basecoat, corrosion may become evident through the Powder coat finish.  Our standard bracketry components include the additional step of including  a primer / base coat.

In the event that the coating is cut / removed, the exposed area needs to be treated with a proprietary Cold Gal or equivalent and touch up paint applied in the usual manner.

Simple wash down is required at regular intervals in line with general industry standards for the location (ie. Proximity to ocean, industry etc.)  This is not a maintenance free product.

Kit Supply

Sufficient information should be available from this catalogue to enable most builders/trades to order the individual components required to complete a specific job.

We are also able to provide a material kit from plans supplied including all connectors and fixings if required at an additional cost.

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