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Home Renovations

Have you been inspired by all the renovation shows on TV? Kick your project off on the right foot with an experienced renovation partner!

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Are you looking to renovate all or just an element of your home, but feeling rather intimidated by it all? A well planned and executed renovation can transform a space, room or even an entire home dramatically, giving you more space, enhanced features and a stylistic refresh. Bathrooms and kitchens are often the first rooms to get a makeover, given that these spaces are central to everyday life, but other smaller elements can often make an impact visually including entry doors, windows, flooring and cladding to name a few.


Bathrooms are often small enough to completely renovate. This gives you the opportunity to ensure that all the individual elements conform with the relevant standards and to remedy any existing problems. Current bathroom trends include wall mounted basins and toilets to maximise the amount of usable floor space.


Kitchen renovations are increasingly part of common living areas as contemporary homes embrace open plan living. If you are renovating an older property it makes sense to keep an open mind with regard to the floor plan. Removing obstacles such as walls can help you overcome the practical limitations that your existing property may have. Integration is the key to a modern kitchen, with appliances hidden behind cabinetry and a design that emphasises functionality and ergonomics.

Window replacement

Windows are continually exposed to the elements, especially the older timber framed styles which may no longer open and close as they should. Replacement is a good option to consider and your new windows are going to complement the style of your home as well as their ongoing energy efficiency and ease of operation.

Floating floors

Unlike traditional timber floors, floating timber floors are not attached to the subfloor, but are laid over an existing solid surface with a layer of underlay. They provide the flexibility to cover a range of floor surfaces and come in real timber or laminate versions.


Often all your home needs is a facelift to get it looking rejuvenated and commonly the most cost effective option. Elements that often do the job include replacing a front entry door, renewing the cladding on your home or rendering exterior walls.

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